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Why the 'WtP' Oval Office Window
- We 'The Rest of the People'
- Speaker of the House
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Working Together
- Building on True Diversity
- This Nation Can Be Whole
- Never Underestimate It!
- All Things Possible Working Together
- These Truths Self-Evident
- A Powerful Vision
- Americans Helping Americans
- The Best Protection for America
- Learning to Understand Each Other
- Getting Our Humanity Back
- Getting Our Communities Back
- American Ingenuity
- America's Shareable Greatness!
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For Our Youth
- This Worldwide Youth Awakening
- You Are Greatly Loved
- You Matter!
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Faith to Heal a Nation
- God Wants This Nation Whole!
Good News of Unearned Favor
- God's Overwhelming Desire
- Healing is for All of Us
- Sidebar: True Miracle Stories
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About Deb
Writing/Ministry Bio
- Business Leadership Bio
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Some of the Issues
The Gun Control Bandaid
- The Refugee Crisis - A Different Look
- "Don't Dis' Mama 'Cuz Daddy Done Bad"
- Lessons From the 'Boat People'
- Old Advice From Kennedy & Reagan
- Diversity - It's Okay to Be Ourselves
- Unemployed? Use It!
- The Toxin of Martyr-Mentality
- A Proven Economic Plan for All
- The Power of Education
- Millions of Delayed Dreams
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For Wounded Warriors
A Mission for Wounded Warriors [new.gif ]
      ~an overview
- No More Suicides
- You Can Be Whole!
- Keys to Total Healing and Restoration
- The New Code Talkers
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Protecting America
- We Are Our Best, First Line of Defense
- Praying for Leaders & Government
- Protecting Our Schools
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That 'God' Stuff
Billy Graham's Greatest Legacy
- Calling Christians Back to God's Love
- God's Loving Challenge to Pastors
- That Simmering Revival Fire
- 'Adjustment' Instead of 'Judgment'
- Praying for Revival in Your Church
- Keys to Forgiveness and Forgiving
- Ending Prophecy-Paralysis
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